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Great Smoky Mountains Fly Fishing

William Elkins

a person holding a fish on a boat in the water

Welcome to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, my name is William Elkins, Head Guide and Partner at Great Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing Adventures.

Dreaming of fly fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, flipping the perfect mountain stream in search of that Brown, Rainbow or Native Brook trout? Great Smoky Mountains Fishing and Great Smoky Mountain Eco Tours have teamed up to offer CUA Permitted transportation and guide services that will bring you and yours into the Park on a fully equipped fly fishing adventure, you wont forget!

Great Smoky Mountain Eco Tours is a CUA Permitted Transportation and Guide Services outfitter and offers round trip transportation from your VRBO, AirB&B, Hotel to the fly fishing site within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Meeting up with head guide William and starting your Smoky Mountains fly fishing adventure, upon the completion we will reload and return you and yours back to your accommodation! Our rates do not include Tennessee State Sales tax or Park Fees. Contact us for custom package offers that can include guided scenic drive tours for those family members that may not be into fishing, but would love to see the Smokies Wonders while you’re fishing!

Explore our Fly Fishing Adventure.

Wonderful Blessing Photography

Robin Greenlee

Hello, and welcome to Eastern Tennessee! My name is Robin Greenlee of Wonderful Blessing Photography and my passion for photography started early in my life. Around 6 or 7, I found my self snapping photos with an old point and shoot camera, then as I got into high school it was photography classes where I learned to develop black and white film, use the settings on my camera to get the picture I wanted, long before digital cameras. Then I fell in love and that love of 32 years rewarded me with twin girls, yes, twins and I survived raising those twins! During those years I was a nurse and would work for 30 years before retiring, then and only then did I find time for my true passion once again, picking up a new camera and finding so much had changed. I had to relearn the new technology and it was a huge learning curve, but I managed to overcome it, and in the process learn so very much!

Looking through the lens at my passion, wildlife of all kinds big or small, like a beautiful butterfly or a big bear I truly love wildlife watching, as well as gardening, flowers and vegetables, there’s great reward in planting and watching them progress. I’m also passionate about Family and God, and I can’t leave out U.T. Football! I have a deep connection with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Walker sisters are my cousins and my ancestors where born and raised in Cades Cove. I truly look forward to sharing my passion with you as we explore the rich history, culture, flora and fauna of the Smokies through the lens one shot at a time!

Photography 101 is available on tour routes Smoky Mountains Views & Valleys and Valley to Cove the Peaceful Side of the Smokies.

a person sitting in a field

Myers Brothers Farm

Blake and John Myers

a large green landscape with bushes

Hello and welcome to our beautiful home, Wears Valley, which parallels the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Eastern Tennessee!  Blake and John Myers of Myers Brothers Farm have lived in Wears Valley their entire life, 30 years old the twin brothers are fourth generation farmers and as John tells the story his Great Grandfather owned land in the area of what is today Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park would purchase this land from the family in the 1930’s.  This led the family to purchase 80 plus acres in Wears Valley that today is used for raising cattle, farming and honey production.  In 1945 their Great Grandfather would build a General Store on the land, this store would sell fruits, vegetables, flour, corn meal, tools and would be a supplier of food, tools and goods for the community until its closure in 1980, the General Store structure still stands today on the property.  10 acres is farmed by the brothers of which today they grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and seasonal flowers.  They have been raising bees on the farm since 2016 and currently have 30 hives, most used for honey production and pollination of their crops, but this sweet sticky wonder of nature is also available for purchase, “Yum”.  One of my personal favorites is their strawberries, walking along row after row of farm fresh right off the vine strawberries, well it does not get any better than that!  Mid April through June you can visit Myers Brothers Farm and Pick Your Own strawberries right off the vine, while enjoying views of Cove mountain, Round Top and Hatcher mountains that stand in the background.  

Today the brothers work hard to bring farm fresh food, local honey to the community in a variety of ways, Knoxville Market square, Farmers Market, Gatlinburg Farmers Market on Saturdays May through October.  John, says that they are working to have a permanent facility right on the farm that will become available for people throughout the summer months! 

What’s Growing during your visit to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

  • Mid April thru first of June – Strawberries (You Pick)!
  • May through July – Cabbage, broccoli, greens, beats, carrots, onions, garlic.
  • July- Oct – Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Sweetcorn.
  • September through October – Mums, Pumpkins fall decorations.

Myers Brothers Farm is available on tour route Valley to Cove the Peaceful Side of the Smokies.

Bob “Fatbob” Rairden

Welcome to Fatbobs Wood Co! Located in beautiful Sevierville, TN! My name is Bob and my wood carving journey started in my early years of High School. I found the passion for carving started when my father and I moved to Tennessee from Florida. I was an apprentice under my uncle for many years and was fortunate to be surrounded by some incredible artists. It’s a blessing to continue a family tradition. It’s been quite the journey so far and I never imagined I would be doing this for a living. After carving in different states and places, I found my home back in East TN. I established Fatbobs Wood Co early 2018. Our family here has grown in many different ways over the years. We have pieces spread out all over the world, from Italy, Cuba, Canada, and all over the United States! Now, I’m proud to be able to showcase many local artists. Our motto is “Changing The World One Piece At A Time” and I wholeheartedly stand behind that. We specialize in custom order pieces, from chainsaw carvings to mix use media, incorporating metal and wood for one off home decor and furnishings. When you stop by you’ll be able to see live carving demos. We create all of our pieces on site and all sourced from local wood. Each piece is unique and carries its own personality. Meet the artists and let us show you how we create sculptures using chainsaws to rough out, to hand tools for the finer details. After the details are completed, we use a burning process to help soften some rougher edges and help seal the pieces. From there it’s painted, stained and sealed. Come by for a unique experience and let us show you how we are Changing The World One Piece At A Time!

God Bless, Bob “Fatbob” Rairden

Fatbobs Wood Co is available on tour route Lakeside of the Smokies

a man standing next to a truck


We support being BearWise®! This program was developed by state agency bear biologists who wanted to make sure that no matter where people lived, played, or traveled, they got the same consistent message about coexisting with bears. Today the BearWise program is managed by a team of North American bear biologists and communications professionals and supported by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies and the BearWise member states. Click here for more information.